Every year in November, I bring forth to my congregations what I call "A Vision" for the upcoming year. In 2014 as I was studying for the vision of 2015 the Lord took me on a different journey in discovering what the vision would be. The Lord had me look into the number 15 in the Bible and how many times it was mentioned. After doing so I allowed the number to tell me what God was speaking rather than me tell it what it means. Each and every number, color, name, symbol and word in the Bible is put there for a specific purpose. It is up to us to discover the depth and secrets in His word so we can have a greater love and understanding of what God is wanting for his children. The Prophetic Almanacs are all based on the meaning of a specific number and what the Lord is speaking to us, according to scripture, and how we can plan and prepare our body, soul and spirit for what is to come in the New Year.


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