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After privately preparing for 30 years, then overcoming the enemy in the wilderness for 40 days, Jesus gave his first message to the people on a mountain. This very first sermon was on attitudes. An attitude is a feeling or emotion that gets established in your mind which affects your behavior. So, a beatitude is simply defined as an attitude that ‘ought to be’ in our daily lives. Jesus gave these beatitudes as a road map to establish a solid foundation in our lives and guide us into victory. Jesus was teaching us that if our outward conduct is going to change, our inward character must change. This book will reveal the importance of having a good attitude to walk in victory over the flesh.​

In this book you will learn:

-Eight Kingdom Attitudes

-How Your Attitudes Affects Your Altitude

-The Purpose of Pain

-The Jobs of A Peacemaker

-What Attitude is the Opposite of Each Beatitude

-The Power of Humility

-The Rewards of Purity

-The Blessings of Mercy and Meekness

  And So Much More...

BE-ATTITUDES Attitudes That "Ought to Be"
2024 PA front Cover.jpg
The Prophetic Almanac For 2024

This is the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Prophetic Almanac where I have been releasing information, inspiration, and divine revelation. For a full decade, I have been giving the people of God a spiritual alternative to the secular Farmer's Almanac and releasing a vision that creates a spiritual picture for the future to the number 24 in the Bible and study it in an innovative way. I will dig deep into the Word of God to search and find the secrets of success for 2024. I want to be clear that what I am giving you is not a spiritual guess or some weird, Christian calculation to release a new revelation. 

In this book you will learn:

-Key scriptures for 2024

-God's prophetic plan and vision for 2024

-A spiritual forecast for the United States in 2024

-Specific dates, places, and people to watch in 2024

-What it means to be born on the 24th day of the month

-God's commands for His church in 2024

-Fun and entertaining facts about the number 24

-How each chapter 24 of the books of the Bible provide

  wisdom and guidance for 2024

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